Increase Revenue Of Your Small Business Up To 3 Times With Digital Marketing

Singapore is one of the countries where digital marketing has the biggest impact on the business and profits. It is perfectly clear why, if you know that users from this country prefer internet and online ordering. Obviously, you know that for small business this is even more important. After all, you need more consumers and better online presence. Almost any marketing agency Singapore can increase the revenue of a small business up to 3 times over a short period of time.

Increasing the revenue isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of additional campaigns, methods, and work that must be done in order to revenue goes up. How this actually works?

Higher number of consumers and higher profit

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More than 83% of people in Singapore uses the web to get some kind of information. All of them are potential consumers. If we add that this number is going in one direction only, up, we can understand why digital marketing is so important, especially for small businesses.

Most entrepreneurs can reach up to 25% of consumers with this type of marketing. Depending on the industry, internet presence and requirements for the product/service, this number can be even higher.

We all know that more consumers bring more profit, which is directly linked to the revenue of a business. However, this isn’t the only way how a digital agency in Singapore can assist you.

Save 40% of your investments

Of all kinds of marketing, digital marketing is the most affordable. The entire campaigns and the processes are done over the internet, from the offices. In most situations, business will need a computer, an internet connection and probably a few specialized tools. Of course, using the agency to get the most from the marketing is an even better.

The bottom line with this point is that all costs of investments are significantly lower than with any other marketing. Because they are lower, small business owners will get more money to invest in other areas and other plans, so the total revenue will once again be increased.

Be better than your rivals

Today, advertising is more important than the product itself. In fact, this has been the situation for the last couple of years. If done properly, digital marketing will help you place your business in front of the rivals. In other words, because you have a better marketing campaign, you have a better product.

In real life, competition is more than just tough, but in the digital world, it is less severe. Why you may wonder? Different brands use different marketing platforms and tactics, which directly reduces the competition. Yes, you have better chances of success.

Happier consumers are permanent clients

Here we have one reason that may be the main and the most important benefit of the digital marketing. Due to the fact, you will be constantly present on the web, so your consumers can literally contact you and create a simple yet productive connection with you, their satisfaction will be increased. As such, they will use your service or product again and again.

Although satisfied clients are the first thing we mentioned, using digital marketing has several other benefits, all related to this matter. The permanent link will allow you to analyze and detect any potential flaws, which can be solved immediately. Obtaining the success rate and the statistic data is much quicker. You won’t be losing time on reports that are always late nor on time-consuming meetings. Every single information is one click away.

Digital marketing creates a brand

Creating a brand is one of the best and the most important advantages of marketing in general. Of all other kinds, digital marketing is once again the most productive. Nowadays, users are almost controlled by the internet and media. They want what they see. If you are successful on the web, you will create a brand that exists in VR and real life.

Once a brand is created, you are not a small business anymore. You will become a well-known name in your industry and in your environment. One marketing agency in Singapore prefers brand creating above them all. According to them, it is an essential step in increasing the revenue. Without it, all other steps are less effective.


One way or another digital marketing is the main step in increasing the revenue and probably the most productive. Here are the details on why and how this marketing increases the revenue of a business. The time needed for all of these tactics to become reality is shorter than most people think. The best part is the fact there is no end campaign here! You can use digital marketing for increasing the revenue as long as you want, but only if you use it properly.